EEC Staff

Rubina Gasparyan

Diploma, Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov
MA TEFL, American University of Armenia Lecturer
EEC Director

Rubina Gasparyan graduated from the Yerevan State Teacher Training Institute of Russian and Foreign Languages (named after V. Brusov), Department of English and a Second/Foreign Language. She completed her graduate studies towards an MA TEFL at the Monterey Institute of International Studies and received her MA in TEFL in 2001 from AUA. She has been working at AUA since 1992. Her major interest is language assessment. She participated in a number of research and assessment projects and was a team member and report writer of the Armenian Baseline ELT Study Project (2001-2005) under the auspices of the British Council and the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia. In 2007, by the request of the Centre of Testing and Assessment, she directed the work of the committee which was entrusted with the task of developing the Guidelines for the Nationwide School Leaving and University Entrance Unified Tests of English. She has presented papers on issues related to language testing and assessment at professional conferences such as AELTA, TESOL Arabia, ALTE. She is also co-author of reports, manuals, and articles in the area of language assessment.

Hasmik Vrshikyan

Diploma, Linguistic University after Monte Melkonyan
MA TEFL, American University of Armenia
EEC Coordinator and Teacher

Hasmik Vrshikyan graduated from the Linguistic University after Monte Melkonyan, Department of Foreign Languages and Translation in 2004. She received her MA in TEFL in 2010 from AUA. After graduating Monte Melkonyan University with honors she was offered to lecture Stylistics of the English language and Teaching Methodology at the university (2005-2009). Currently she is working in 3 different places : AUA, EEC Coordinator and teacher, Armenian National Lycee after Anania Shirakatsi, teacher of English and 103 High school after Gyulikekhvyan, teacher of English. Her major interest is CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) and she is widely using technology in her teaching practice. She thinks that technology is the best way to advancement in every sphere of human activity.   

Hasmik Vrshikyan also has a great interest in conferences and workshops. In 2009, she actively participated in International Language Assessment Conference in Armenia, in CALL workshop in 2010 (as an assistant to professor I. Madyarov) and in number of other conferences on Language Teaching.)

Anna Bayburdyan

Diploma, Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov
MA TEFL, American University of Armenia
EEC coordinator assistant and teacher

Anna Bayburdyan graduated from Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov, Department of Foreign Languages in 2008. In 2011 she received her MA in TEFL from American University of Armenia (AUA), Department of English Programs. Since then she has worked at AUA as the assistant of EEC coordinator. She also works as an instructor of English in Experimental English Classes (EEC) and in Gevorgyan Theology Seminary as an English Instructor. Her major interest is teaching grammar communicatively and she is widely applying different types of grammar games in the teaching process. Anna Bayburdyan has participated in a number of conferences on Language Teaching. In 2011, she participated in Challenges and Opportunities for EFL Testing and Assessment Conference in Armenia (by DEP at AUA). 2012 April 13th and 14th, 2012, College of the North Atlantic, Doha, Qatar she presented her  Master’s Thesis in Qatar TESOL’s Eighth International Conference 2012, the topic of which was Learner Motivation , Involvement, and Autonomy.

Heghine Vrshikyan

Diploma, State Engineering University of Armenia
MA, State Engineering University of Armenia
EEC Coordinator assistant in computer services

Heghine Vrshikyan graduated from State Engineering University of Armenia, Department of Computer Technologies and Information in 2007 majoring in Design and technology of Electronic-Computing Devices. She received her MA in Informatics and Computer Science in 2009  from State Engineering University of Armenia. During her studies in the MA program she was one of the few to be awarded в “Дружба” scholarship funded by Poghosyan Funding, which aim was to reward the students who have outstanding progress and investment in the field of IT. For her MA thesis She designed and tested an innovative microchip working on sun energy, which was later presented in a conference in Germany. 

Heghine pursued her second MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at the American University of Armenia, Department of English Programs in 2015.  

After completing her MA program in 2009 she was offered a job at high school 103 as an IT specialist and IT teacher. Starting winter 2011 she is also working  in EEC program as EEC Coordinator assistant  in computer services.  Working with children at school made her understand that teaching children is one of the best and most interesting  professions in the world. She says : “Children are like “Mystery Box”. You open it and encounter abundance of wonders. I am very happy to work with wonders”. Now she pursues the aim of entering TEFL at AUA and becoming a specialist in teaching.

Naira Stepanyan

Diploma, Yerevan State University
MA TEFL, American University of Armenia
EEC teacher

Naira Stepanyan received her bachelor degree from the faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology from Yerevan State University in 2007 and her MA in TEFL in 2009 from the American University of Armenia (AUA).  Her capstone research was on effectiveness of online activities on Armenian EFL learners’ achievement.     In 2011 her Master’s Thesis was published as a book at LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing house  in Germany.

Due to the high academic performance, in the second year of studies at AUA Naira was offered a teaching position in Experimental English Classes (EEC) held for children and in English for General Purposes (EGP) for adults.

Naira was actively involved in the social life of the University.  As a result, in 2008, she was elected president of the Student Council. In 2009, when the Department of English Programs (DEP) held an International Language Assessment Conference, she was a member of the organizing committee. In 2011, she was again chosen as a committee member but this time for “National Round of the English Olympiad ” and in “DEP Conference for English Teaching Professionals in Armenia”. In 2013 she was offered a teaching position at Gevorkian Theological Seminary. In 2015 she had a poster presentation at TESOL Arabia 2015 on the topic “Grammar Kingdom: King-To-Be and Queen-Verb”. In 2016 she presented her research study at TESOL Arabia 2016 on the topic “Presentations, Online Videos: Keys to Autonomous Learning”.

Being very energetic and creative, she manages to create an atmosphere where her students learn in a stress-free and relaxed atmosphere. She actively uses computer and online activities as teaching means and successfully integrates new technologies in her teaching.


Lena Simonynan

Diploma, Yerevan State University of Armenia
MA TEFL, American University of Armenia
EEC teacher

Lena Simonyan got her BA in Linguistics from Yerevan State University Romans and Germanic Faculty and her MA in TEFL from the American University of Armenia Department of English Programs. Still studying at AUA she got Federal Assistance Award from US Department of State for attending the 13th Annual Conference-CTELT 2009, Teacher Development in Language Assessment in Dubai Men’s College, Dubai, UAE.

Being a very enthusiastic and creative person in nature, Lena Simonyan got a certificate of appreciation for assistance in the organization of an International Conference in Armenia (ILACA 2009).

In 2011, her thesis “Construction and Validation of a task- based test in the Armenian Context” was published by Lap LAMBERT Academic Publishing House in Germany. After graduating AUA, she was offered a teaching position in the Experimental English Class (EEC) in AUA.  Each time entering the classroom, Lena Simonyan brings with her joy and kindness to the classroom environment. This makes her students feel welcomed, cared, and loved.