EEC Yerevan
EEC Vaghrashapat
EEC Stepanavan

The EEC was established in the fall of 2005 as a community services to the children of the AUA faculty, staff and students. Currently, it offers its services to all those schoolchildren who are interested in developing their knowledge of English.

These classes aim to:

  1. provide children with the possibility to learn English through communicative methods of teaching
  2. provide MATEFL students with practicum and independent teaching experiences
  3. serve as a basis for research in EFL teaching

Now there are about 900 students from different schools in Yerevan and about 200 more in the EEC chapters in Vanadzor, Stepanavan, and Vagharshapat, Abovyan.

CBI (Content Based Instruction) courses are also offered to EEC students. This gives learners an opportunity to learn non-linguistic content in different subject areas (e.g. Geography, Management, STEM or Cooking) in English. Clubs where content based instruction is being practiced have been opened.