The Program

Registration start date: June 1

Registration end date: June 17

Placement test date: June 19, 15:30, AUA MB rooms 204, 206

Summer School start date: June 24

Summer School end date: July 3

The Summer School of AUA-EEC Afterschool English program for teenagers (aged 12-16) starts on June 24 and lasts for ten days, including the weekend. To participate in the Summer School, you will need to pass a placement test which will determine your English language proficiency level.  

The Summer School provides the following classes:

Level: Elementary

  • English Grammar Booster- In this course students learn English grammar to be able to correctly express their thoughts, participate in different dialogues and debates, share or oppose their classmates’ opinions and a lot more. Classes are conducted through interactive and communicative games and activities.
  • English Vocabulary Booster- This course creates opportunities for the English language learners to develop their oral and written communication skills in English and use the target vocabulary in an authentic and meaningful context. Through different topic-based vocabulary games and activities students enrich their English vocabulary and manage to communicate with ease. They also learn how to choose the right words around specific topics, to express themselves and share their ideas related to familiar topics.
  • Digital Storytelling- The course helps students create stories through modern technologies. The activities include research, suggestions, scripts, shooting, illustrations, edits and editions. At the end of the course students will make their own videos and present them to the class.
  • English through Songs and Music- The purpose of the course is to develop students’ oral speech and pronunciation through songs and music. The topics are appropriate for elementary level students. The main purpose of the course is to help the students acquire vocabulary and develop their listening and speaking skills. The tasks such as role-playing, plot design and writing, speech recording are used in this course. The course is intended for English language learners to enrich English language vocabulary and grammar through singing and musical context. It is aimed to provide the learners with basic knowledge about music genres, cartoons, as well as tips for learning to sing. Through discussions, games and songs the learners will enrich their vocabulary and grammar of English, as well as listening, speaking and reading skills.
  • Speak Up- The course engages students in various discussions, hence improving their speaking skills through negotiation. The course gives the students the chance to express their opinions around various topics, listen to and agree or disagree with the opinions of their peers.
  • English around Kitchen  The “English Around Kitchen” is an interactive, communicative, multi-skill approach based course. It has a notion to teach language and food connected skills simultaneously. It includes tasks where students are engaged in culinary and language learning activities. They also interact with each other, create their own materials which make them become autonomous and feel as being young adults.

Level: Intermediate

  • Grammar and Vocabulary Booster- The course is intended for English language learners who aim to develop and enrich vocabulary and set a solid basis of grammar. It continues to build competency in the English various verb tense systems and to help students develop communicative competence in English. In addition, cultural information stimulates cross-cultural comparisons and discussions. There is a strong focus on both accuracy and fluency.
  • Tourist guides/Geography and Culture-The students explore Armenian culture and Geography through different hands-on activities and games. During the club the students also visit the National Gallery and the History Museum of Armenia to try out their tour guiding skills.
  • English around Kitchen The “English Around Kitchen” is an interactive, communicative, multi-skill approach based course. It has a notion to teach language and food connected survival skills simultaneously. It includes activities where students produce the language and content themselves, interact with each other, create their own materials which makes them become autonomous and feel as being young adults.

Level: Upper Intermediate

  • Debate Club – This course is aimed at developing students’ critical thinking and negotiating skills. Students learn to do research, formulate and deliver persuasive arguments on a range of interesting topics. They will learn to look at important issues from various perspectives and have better understanding of them. Most importantly, they will learn to work in a team, respect each other and their points of view.
  • The World around Us- With the help of this course, students will discover the fascinating facts about the world, learn how to interact with the nature and much more.
  • Accurate speech (pronunciation and intonation)- The course aims at finely tuning the learners’ speech through elaborate exercises to improve pronunciation and intonation. These two combined will help students to express their thoughts accurately in a topic-based environment.
  • STEM– This course develops 21st century skills: critical thinking, collaboration, communication, problem- solving, social responsibility, and creativity. Students complete a set of projects around science experiments, building sets, electrical circuit with data collection and analysis, and describe the processes and conclusions in English.


To become a part of our big Summer School community, go to website and register now! Remember that the registration deadline is June 17. The placement test is on 19 June, 15:30.

We are looking forward to seeing you on June 24th.